Monday, November 26, 2007

Daughter and Dad Dance


This might appear to be a couple that just got married, but you would be only half right if that was your supposition. This is a special dance to "What a Feeling" which is a song they used to dance to when Kristin would dance on Dad Robert's feet as a little girl. It was a very upbeat little vignette from this wedding that we thought you might enjoy seeing.

Kristin and Robert, you definitely make a great dancing couple!

Congratulations all around.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lighting the Candles

Did you know that whenever you are using candles for an entertainment, that as the host it is incumbent on you to have the candles lit when your guests arrive. Also, that even if you have candles out on display, say during the day, that the wicks must be burnt and not left untouched by the match? A little etiquette for entertaining lesson, courtesy of the Hawthorne Hotel.

Here is a video of Mike O'Meara lighting the candles in the Grand Ballroom


A Lovely Wedding Cake with Lilies of the Valley

Here is a 360 degree view of a wedding cake in our ballroom. We usually set the cake up on a cake table stationed on the dancefloor until the dancing begins, so that everyone can get a good look. So you can simply pretend you got a sneak peak.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Throwing the Bridal Bouquet from the Grandmother Window

The second story windows overlooking our Grand Ballroom are affectionately known as the Grandmother Windows because the grandmothers used to chaperon the dances in the Ballroom back 'in the day' when young ladies could not go out without a chaperon, and dances were a very common entertainment.

Today they are often utilized by brides to throw their bridal bouquet to the unmarried women in the room. Here you can see that tradition carried out.

Please excuse the beginning of the video. I am still learning and was not entirely ready when this event occurred.


Wedding Day Love Letters -- Such a Sweet Gesture

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Being in the wedding 'business' makes some of us incurable romantics at times. That was the case with this past Saturday's wedding of Jeff and Melanie. We found out on Saturday morning that Jeff was planning to, and did, write eight (8) love letters to Melanie, and secretly gave them to people she would be seeing during the day as she got ready for her wedding. The letters were handed to her during the day, and it just makes us all teary-eyed even thinking about something so romantic.

In these photos you see Jeff as he writes one of his letters to his bride, right in the lobby of the Hawthorne Hotel. In the last photo you see the two of them as they stand for a pose in front of their limousine for the evening.

We thought you might enjoy being in on this couple's romantic wedding day.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Waiting on the Grand Staircase

Here is a video of a wedding party lined up and waiting to be introduced into the Ballroom by the DJ of this wedding. You will also see the introductions occurring. We get to see a scene very similar to this several times each weekend. In addition, a number of locals also may stop by to check out the wedding finery of the wedding party of the moment. This video will just give you an idea of what it looks like from our perspective. Juli

We always get to see the room when it is pristine

and I thought you might like to as well.


A Bride's Arrival at the Reception Starts at the Front Door

Here you see a lovely bride arriving at the front doors of the Hawthorne Hotel and being escorted up to the private photo room just prior to the reception. Lindsay Otis is the wedding coordinator that you see here.