Monday, May 30, 2011

it is Funky.... clip a flower

We are used to clip flowers only on our hair... passing here and there i got a new bridal buzz, from bridal buzz blog!! Shoe clip... love it!
a good idea for your bridesmaids shoes...
Just clip a flower.... make it funky

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fabulous Wedding of Wendy and Robert at Caffe Luna!

Wendy and Robert were such a great couple to collaborate with on their wedding ceremony! They loved answering all my questions so I could write their "story" in a sweet and humorous way. They sure enjoyed their wedding ceremony along with all their guests!  Wendy and Robert are not a flippant or frivolous couple by any means and had both waited patiently until they found each other, seemingly content to be on their own until they did. They were mere acquaintances for many years as the friendship slowly developed and deepened until one day it dawned on them that they were meant for each other! We first met to start planning their wedding ceremony when they came to see me in December. I was so impressed that they both knew what they wanted and were careful and organized planners. The big day arrived on May 21, 2011 at 11:00 AM at Caffe Luna downtown Raleigh, the same weekend as Artsplosure, so you can imagine the traffic and parking challenges. Parker Kennedy, owner of the restaurant (and my neighbor), diligently patrolled the private parking lot across the street for those of us in the wedding party, especially Wendy's mother who is in a wheelchair. But, we did it all just fine and on time to boot!
This is Peter Krumenacker of Island Sound DJ who provided our music for the ceremony and the reception and plugged my mic into his system. The sound was perfect! Gregg Kennedy of Brides and Bouquets did all the flowers. He is so good!
 Wendy was escorted down the aisle by her brother-in-law, Mike.
Our wonderful photographer was Michelle Gunton and as you can see, she sent me some great shots to put on the blog. Thanks, Michelle! Love working with you.
These are shots taken while I was telling the guests the story of how Wendy and Robert met. As you can see, we all enjoyed hearing all about it.
Wendy's sister, Diane, was her matron of honor, and Robert's niece, Abby was the junior bridesmaid.
I thought this photo was interesting. I am behind Wendy speaking to her parents on the front row. You cannot see me but my reflection is in the mirror on the left. I had no idea until I saw this photo.
The logo of  Caffe Luna is quite visible behind the sheer curtain hanging behind us for the ceremony.
You may have noticed that both Wendy and Robert are tall people and I felt rather like a midget during the ceremony. I forgot to step aside during the kiss and got my face framed perfectly in between the kiss!
 It's over and they are officially husband and wife!
Marty and I packed up my microphone and left after this photo but Michelle took Wendy and Robert over to Artsplosure and got this great picture below and I wanted to share it with you:
Robert and Wendy, maybe you are back from your honeymoon by now? I know you are such world travelers so you may not be. Do have fun and keep in touch. What a wonderful wedding you had thanks to your diligent planning and knowing yourselves so well. Congratulations!

TIP:- Ring Bearer

Ring bearer adds glam in the wedding accessories. It is precious part of your wedding accessory by which you can express your feeling in a different way. Add some words like I love you, be mine forever, am forever yours, etc in the bearer
Treasure chest ring bearer

 Usually the best man carry a ring for the bride and matron carries groom ring as it makes easier for the wedding couple to exchange rings at the ceremony.
White min-heart ring bearer pillow

 But in case of a ring bearer involved both rings can be attached to the fine strings on the bearer and placed on the table for the wedding couple to pick and place on the fingers of their partner when they told to do so.
Mid-night rose Ring bearer pillow
butterfly ring bearer pillow.. butterfly is the symbol of love
Anchor ring bearer pillow
Dog Ring bearer pillow...(i don't think this happens in Tanzania, but abroad some people loves their pets to be included in their wedding and here the dog will carry the ring and go to the alter)
Beautiful rose on the pillow
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Martha and Joseph Wedding

Another spectacular wedding between our very own beautiful bride Martha Nnko and her handsome groom Joseph

...a beautiful smart couple indeed

aaaaaaawww University church... lovely

....As they enter the church... looking beautiful :))

Bride: what a dress... i love it!! Matron: fab shoes and purse 

.....they said their vows

Martha is dressed by Wedding Bells head to toe, She wore a Cinderella dress perfect for a princess... looking dazzling gorgeous

Her dress has style, has class, has a fabulous tulle and laces around and beautiful flowers decoration on the bust which are daring eye catching

...together with her girls... sweeeeeet

...and the whole team... gorgeous

wazaa chema... high class

love these two kids... they are so cute!

...looking handsome indeed!!...

... No joke... real tuxedos....

fab. decor and cake from Da Monica aka Special Occasions

as they enter reception.... beautiful dance moves :))

Mama Rita Mlaki was there... looking stunning as usually 

Mama Anna Mkapa was also there... looking classy as usually

Stylish sleeves with lace at the end... lovely

.... the list will go on and on... but these are my Favorite... 

Dada Natujwa... beautiful sounds... 

Heartiest Congratulation on your wedding, may God bless you with love and success.

Wedding Bells loves You