Monday, August 31, 2009

A Persian Wedding at the Hawthorne Hotel

We received this lovely thank you email, which is regarding the following wedding story:

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your e-mail and your well wishes. The wedding went amazingly well. Liz was incredible. Although we had some last minute changes, delays, problems with our dresses, a brand new groomsman, etc..... she handled it like it's what happens every time and it's nothing out of the ordinary. On top of that she managed to keep me calm as well. Your entire staff was remarkable and the food, wow !!!! I just can't say enough about how wonderful and overly accommodating every single person at Hawthorne was. Please feel free to post this and any pictures you took on your web site. We will send a real thank you note once our thank you cards are printed.

Thanks again, Farah and Bob”

Here is the link to our Hawthorne Hotel blog page that has many photographs of a Persian Wedding Ceremony.

We found this such a delight, that we felt like sharing this post with more than just our wedding constituency.

I hope you will take a moment to look at this.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Now I think september is going to be my happy month, because people I love are coming to see me. Now let's take this chronologically.
First on the list is my beloved Fish, Ozie herself. I'm not quite sure just how long she's staying, considering every time I ask her she forgets to give an answer. But she's coming and that's what counts.
Next is CLAIRE!!! yay! after over a year in my case, almost two in the rest of my family's, we get to see her again. (3 cheers to Luca for being so awesome and organizing the whole thing, and I'm waiting for you to get here too.)
Last up are Esty and family. I'm so looking forward to seeing the boys and play aliens with them. Also, I'm expecting to have happy funny talks with their mother.
I'm going to be happy in September.

Wedding Anniversary Post with Wedding Photos

If you go to our main Hawthorne Hotel blog, you will see an interesting post regarding a seventh anniversary celebration. There are some photos of the wedding, and a nice testimonial from the couple.

Here is the link:


Friday, August 14, 2009

Unusual Wedding Details

Several weeks ago we hosted a wedding that had some unusual details attendant to it. We thought you might like a look at those details:

A special drink, created by the couple getting married, in honor of their little dog -- how cute is that!

Click on this image to see how they used the different aspects of a relationship to name the courses of the meal. This was also a very creative touch that we had not seen before.

Instead of a basket for gift cards, the couple created a house, in the hopes that the checks and cash they might receive in greeting cards would help them achieve their goal of putting the down payment on a house. Again, this was something we had never seen before, and we thought it was unique.

I hope you enjoy seeing how someone else handled the details of their wedding.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Satisfied Mother-of-the-Bride

We love getting thank you notes, emails, and the like. This one certainly made our day:

Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 1:55 PM
To: Karen Cotton
Subject: Thank You

Hi Karen,
I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job your staff did for my daughter's wedding ( 7/24/09). Christine Turner coordinated the event for us and Liz was on site the night of the wedding and they could not have been any more helpful, pleasant or professional at every interaction.

Not only were my husband and I pleased with EVERYTHING, but I can’t tell you how many phone call, e-mails and even thank you notes we got saying what a fantastic time our guests had and how everything was so terrific.

We’ve all been to weddings where the food is less than great and the ambiance is lacking but without a doubt everything at the Hawthorne was top notch. I’ve been to several “big” weddings in Boston at the Seaport and the Bay Tower Room and believe me ours was just as nice and I might even say better!

I also want to thank the dining room staff for accommodating all of our overnight guests with my breakfast coupons, again just a great staff that really knows customer service.

Thank you all for making our daughters wedding the special evening we’ve always dreamed of.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Lovely Thank You for a Very Lovely Wedding

I hope you enjoy reading this letter, which says it all regarding the terrific job that the Hawthorne Hotel TEAM does in producing your dream event.

If you want our help in making your wishes come true, call us at 978-825-4358.

I hope to see you here.


PS Just click on the image to enlarge it for easier viewing.