Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More on the Blue & Brown Wedding Cake

As you can see in this photo, it was pouring rain outside on the night of this wedding, but it did little to dampen the happiness of Alvin and Jessica as you can see in these photos that they shared with us. In fact, the rain actually added an interesting glow to this photo.

If you ever needed a compelling reason to choose an indoor reception site, these photos may help you to make that decision. Leave the climate up to us!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blue and Brown Were the Colors of the Day

The ice blue of this wedding cake, with its chocolate brown detail, was echoed in the invitations, the ribbons on the favors, and the attendants dresses. It was a lovely look, and we thought you might enjoy seeing it, too.

Apple butter tied off with ribbons to match the cake, and table numbers that were themed around famous local streets added a personal touch to this wedding.

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Unique Wedding Ideas at the Hawthorne Hotel

Last night's wedding utilized this fun way of creating their guest book, so that the memories they preserve capture a unique perspective.
They hired a photobooth, complete with props, for their guests to have their photos taken, and then paste into their guest book.
You can see the instructions in this photo below.

In the photo above you see two of our banquet bartenders, Brian Zuzelo, and Jane Fuller, as they hammed it up for my camera. This was Brian's last day with us, as he is now Dr. Brian Zuzelo, having recently completed his education and licensing process. We will most certainly miss him.

The company that provided the photo booth also brought along all kinds of props for people to use in creating their on-camera persona. This looks like a lot of fun, and we were pleased to have yet another idea to present to our prospective brides.

I hope to see you here.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

One of our own celebrates three happy years

This week at our monthly managers' meeting, Simon Checksfield announced that it was his third wedding anniversary that very day. As you can tell from these photos, Simon's wedding took place right here at the Hawthorne Hotel, before he ever even thought about coming to work here (Simon is our evening Manager on Duty.)

Christine Turner was his catering sales manager, and she had these photos pinned up on her bulletin board, so we scanned them in to post on our wedding blog.

Not only was it his and Sharon's third anniversary, but Simon also announced that his two darling twin girls, Ella and Grace, will soon have a baby brother or sister, since he and Sharon are expecting.

Congratulations on both announcements, Simon!


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We love results like this. . .

This event was held at the PEM (Peabody Essex Museum), where we are the preferred caterer. We love hearing from our satisfied guests, and hope you enjoy peaking in at this as well. If you want to see a larger version of the image, just click on it.
If you want to speak to Lindsay regarding a non-hotel catering event, by Hawthorne Catering, you can call her at 978-745-9500 x 3156.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


We went to this totally awesome park the other day. Basically it was a model of Gulliver when he falls asleep and the little people tie him up. I couldn't get over it and kept on repeating "We're the little people!" Till my sisters were like "Ezy shut up!" heheheh

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reviewing the Details

Here you see the banquet team from this past weekend's wedding as they sit down for what we call the 'pre-meal'. They are reviewing every last detail, so that everyone on the team is knowledgeable and prepared to execute the perfect event. This kind of attention to detail is what makes our work seem effortless. There is a saying about a great hotel -- we are like a swan, sailing serenely on the surface, and paddling furiously underneath. These pre-meal meetings are all part of the effort that we put in to making sure that we are 'sailing serenely on the surface' for every wedding we host, here at the Hawthorne Hotel.

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It is Fall Wedding Season at the Hawthorne Hotel

This was the cake from Sunday's wedding. Since we are swinging into the Fall Season, we thought you might enjoy seeing this cake. This bride wanted maple leaves because there are family members from Canada. The leaves are pastillage, also known as gum paste.

The leaves are all edible! Yummy!!!

May we help to plan your special day? Give our Catering Department a call at 978-825-4358 for more information on our wonderful wedding packages. Right now we have a special on Winter Wedding Packages, so if you think you can't afford the Hawthorne Hotel, you may have to change your thinking. Perhaps you can!

I hope to see you here.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Okay, this is me, I don't remember how old I was, and actually, I don't care to. It is funny nonetheless, and a good way to post about something, since I am out of ideas and nothing new is happening. Except that today was the first day of school. Bummer. And also, forget about the party pictures...I don't have them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who said a wedding cake must be white?

The flowers on this cake are made of gum paste, which is an edible sugar construction that really holds shapes nicely.

Here is the cake chosen by a couple who were not afraid to step out of the normal conventions of a wedding. Remember, YOUR wedding should reflect YOUR taste, and here at the Hawthorne Hotel we are here to help you do what you want to make YOUR wedding special.

Heather and Bruce Maurice of Danvers, Massachusetts, were not bound by the usual conventions, and they chose a bold color pallette to celebrate their wedding, here at the Hawthorne Hotel.


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Friday, September 5, 2008

Don't read it you value your sanity

Ho ho, it's my free night people....let's try to make it fun, huh?? Ummmm, maybe not. Cuz it's just me, myself and I. Dude....maybe it could be enjoyable. It's good to be alone once in awhile. Yep yep. But the truth is that I'm just babbling on and on over here.....what to do. I'm dead tired but I don't want to waste my evening, so bare with me. I think I shall go find a movie to watch now. Or whatever. Happy Birthday if it's your birthday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wait for it....

Okay the party was actually pretty cool.
I will post pictures as soon as I can. I have to get them off Tete tonight brfore she leaves.
Till then, don't hold your breath.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding Cakes Are Part of the Fun

This wedding cake was part of an August wedding here at the Hawthorne Hotel. She is from New York City, thus the Empire State Building which was part of their cake. This was definitely an unusual cake, and great fun!

May we help you plan a wedding that will be as much fun? Just call us at 978-825-4358.

I hope to see you here.

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