Thursday, February 28, 2013

Men's Fall 2013 London Collections

Let's catch precise to it, here are the reveals from day one including their ideas, my top rated looks, and… my most severe.

I will not talk about each display but I’ll go over the selections that get the most quantity of press and produce the media’s benefit.

Lou Dalton
Inspiration: Urban meets rural in a 1983 type of way Preferred Looks: These two below seem to emote a attractive sartorial sensation while keeping a fun advantage with the comparison patches and flap on the pockets.

Preferred Look: I experienced the lux blue shiny fabric but Lou… did you have to utilize so friggin much of it?

Topman Design
Inspiration: A trip to the top of the Himalayas.
Preferred Looks: Popped parkas and men’s dresses say it all.

Least Preferred Look: I like what they have ended with the parka’s this season but this one comes across all too ordinary for my preferences.

Meadham Kirchhoff
Inspiration: A 2012 Preferred Looks: Well… there was not a favourite… (I did not individually really like this collection) but I did discover these two looks quite wonderful in their own way.

Least Preferred Look: Among the rubbish and Nike footwear were… these two fellas… do not know what to say here except, I’m sure they have excellent personalities…

Richard Nicoll
Inspiration: Commercial, post-punk motivated essentials mixed with de-constructed neoclassicism

Preferred Looks: I passed away when I saw this print for men. It’s fresh and fun with a jab of messy junipers and a jolt of juiced-up jackals. Didn’t make sense? Encourage the alliteration on top of the print and you will be aware of… Or possibly you will comprehend it just as much as I comprehend most London, designers… not at all.

Least Preferred Look: Okay I said I liked the print but do not get crazy! And do not pair it with orange…

30 Long Exposure Photography

I always thought that long exposure photography was overdone to death and not even worth doing. That’s why I have never experimented with it much, but I still wanted to do a little research and make a collection of best Long Exposure Photography Examples.

I soon found out that I was wrong. It may be overdone, but good shots are incredibly rare and hard to find (this could also be due to my lack of searching skills). So my advice to you – don’t be turned off by the fact that everybody does it! Only few guys do it right.

Now, before you grab your camera and go out to take those beautiful long exposure shots, you may need some inspiration! So here are 30 Amazing Examples of Long Exposure Photography to get your creative juices flowing.

1. -U- , Sintra, Portugal
Image credits: ~PhilipMatthews

2. Blue Light Street
Image credits: in-a-h-u-r-r-y-

3. Running & Swinging with Fire
Image credits: alexkess

4. Teacups
Image credits: ericcastro

5. Chimney
Image credits: Michal Konopka

6. S-Bend
Image credits: fjny

7. Flame Wall
Image credits: DanDeChiaro

8. Fireworks
Image credits: ~Stormie-Heather

9. Star Trails
Image credits: bullitnuts

10, 11. Air Traffic Above San Francisco
Image credits: exxonvaldez

12. Fire and Water
Image credits: Michael Bosanko

13. La Ronde Amusement Park
Image credits: ~particle-fountain

14. Racing Car in the Night, Bologna, Italy
Image credits: Giovanni Gori 

15. Energy: Film Long Exposure
Image credits: ~onesadlittleboy

16. Gondola In 60 Seconds, Venice
Image credits: flatworldsedge

17. My Son and I
Image credits: jasontheaker

18. Disney – A Ride On The TTA at Night
Image credits: Express Monorail

19. Hyperdriiiiiiiiive
Image credits: *discurrere

20. Does the Earth Rotate?
Image credits: p.folk

21. Freeway Flow
Image credits: Surrealize

22. Skatepark Light Painting
Image credits: Ben Matthews

23. Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Image credits: MumbleyJoe (Tyler)

24. AP7, Barcelona, Spain
Image credits: VoLGio

25. Chainsaw Clouds, Boone County Fair,Columbia Missouri
Image credits: Notley

26. Brussels By Night
Image credits: Ben Heine

27. Norwegian Road
Image credits: Kristian Pletten

28. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Express
Image credits: Monorail

29. Love At First Light
Image credits: flatworldsedge

30. We left this spot for You!

Great Video of a Hawthorne Hotel Wedding

I really love this wedding video.  It is set to a very romantic song, and has superimposed the "before" and after shots of the different stages of this wedding.  The same "angle" from the rehearsal and the actual ceremony and related shots.

It is very tastefully done, and so sweet it left me with a little bit of moisture in the corner of each eye!

Before and After Wedding Video

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Bryllup fra Mosjøen av Studio Sandra

Romantikk fra et Sensommer Bryllup

Rosa Eleganse fra Nord-Norge

Det hjalp å få tilsendt litt rosa kjærlighet på en kald februardag. Bildene er tatt av Studio Sandra, og er fra venninnen sitt bryllup i Mosjøen. Det viser seg at disse to fotograf venninnene, fotograferte hverandres bryllup, som foregikk to helger etter hverandre, i august ifjor. Anne- Kari og Johan Andrè stråler om kapp med solen, og brudens vakre kjole fra Pronovias, blir enda mer elegant ved siden av brudgommen, som stilte i Forsvarets staselige Gallauniform, under vielsen. Her er roser, tyll, perler og personlige detaljer i skjønn forening.

BRUDEN SELV SIER: Jeg planla bryllupet mitt til minste detalj, og i god tid. Jeg startet et år i forveien, og mitt tips til andre brudepar er å være tidlig ute, for å sikre deg fotografen du ønsker, lokalene du vil ha og skaffe det du trenger til dekor. Fotografen er det viktigste, fordi det er den/de som bevarer minnene dine for evig tid.

LEVERANDØRER: Bryllupsfotograf: Studio Sandra // Brudekjole: Pronovias fra Tessem Brudesalong // Blomster: Venninne av Bruden: Carina Grønning Hogstad // Antrekk Brudgom: Tessem Brudesalong // Festlokaler: Fru Haugans Hotel