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Jumpsuit with wedding touch!!

Kuna biharusi alishawahi niuliza kama anaweza tengeneza a nice jumpsuit for her wedding day! Rose Byrne on Screen Actors Guild awards shows you how it will look like!
..like a wedding dress, this jumpsuit is covered with white lace, sequin embellishment and crystals.

Online Dating - The First Date

So you've created the jump into online dating, you uploaded a picture of yourself, you submitted a profile reporting yourself and what you want, you created contact with some other associates, and now it is time for the Internet to become the off-line - it is time for initially date. While there are parallels between a first date with someone you met via a dating website and someone you met through conventional indicates, there are a few variations, and this article goals to provide some guidelines for a first date with someone you met on the Internet.

Be Punctual
Although this might seem apparent, individuals are more likely to take a position someone up that they only have a exclusive relationship with. This implies that if you depart your some date to seated in a bar, he/she will begin to have doubt as to whether you will turn up or not. This will make a traumatic scenario even more traumatic than it has to be. When you do gradually move up you will be on the back feet right away, trying to make up for your lateness.

Talking about the Dating Website
The dating website where you met is probably an simple choice for things to discuss. However be cautious not to go into too much deep about your past times. One more thing, don't pry too much about ones your date to effort has met through the website. You may not like the response... Criticising individuals you've met through the website is also not a great concept, at least not on a date. It will only make you look bad.

Have a Get-Out
Although you will probably have seen a picture of your date and changed messages before getting together with, this first date will be semi-blind. As such you may search you don't like the individual extremely. It would be vicious to tell the individual that you don't like them, so arrange for a friend to call you on your cell about an time into plenty of period. If you don't like your date you can say the get in touch with is from your sis who has just been conned, and you need to go around and give her some extra important factors.

Keep it Short
As earlier described, this is a semi-blind period, so you would be best planning something like a meal date; as this would include investing shorter time with your date, than say a night out. If you don't think there is any upcoming in the relationship then you only need to invest at most several hours with them. Ensure you choose a location where the food is simple to eat, as you are trying to make a excellent first impact. The local seafood eating place probably isn't a great concept - no one ever checked excellent eating seafood.

The End of the Date
You should end your date as nicely as possible, even if you don't wish to see the person again. Tell them you will be in touching via the dating website, even if it is only to say you don't want to see them next time. Also, don't try and hug your date, its only teenagers that do this on a first date!

As you have probably accumulated, there are some small variations in a first date in the online and a first date with someone you met off-line. Pay interest to the guidelines above and you will get on just excellent when you start going on first dates.

A Few Tips for Health and Beauty

Everyone really likes to look beautiful. There are many benefits of looking wonderful. A gorgeous woman always gets attention. She marries the best catch. She gets to be the cheer leader. She dates all the attractive young boys. She even controls to sign up in the beauty pageants and win a title for her country. Hence, women look out for simple beauty advice to boost their beauty.

The healthy skin care beauty advice are ment for all. Anyone can make a factor in their appearance with the help of the natural beauty tips. Humble women use the y techniques to become more attractive, while the wonderful women use them to retain their appeal and look good for a many years. In fact, even an ugly lady can look highly attractive by following the appropriate beauty advice for face.

Due to its higher popularity, different could women's magazine create these beauty tips a fundamental element of their editions. These health advice appear with spiritual reliability in an effort to boost the sale of the magazines. The authors hire the professionals from the beauty industry who share their secrets with the readers. Many a times, the readers are also motivated to send in their inquiries which the professionals answer by giving various health beauty advice. Now, one can even search for summer beauty beauty tips on the Internet. There are several sites dedicated on tips on beauty that feature of a higher traffic rate. So, one can get the help of these advices and perform towards increasing her overall charm.

These good beauty advice perform towards improving each and every aspect of your personality. They suggest advice on beauty that range from your glorious wonder to your lovely feet. You are generally flooded with numerous advices that show you to maintain your hairs, eyes, face, hand, feet, etc. They also provide you tips on hair styling and the right selection of outfits for a particular body-type. Other than this, makeup beauty advice also include guidelines on present fashion and the appropriate method of applying make-up. Hence, if a girl is really thinking about increasing her looks then she could greatly update it by following the appropriate beauty tips.

The current male generation has also become fashion conscious. They buy designer wear and go for beauty treatments. They color their hair and sport different styles. They wear various accessories like earrings, chains, bracelets, etc. Hence, observing this trend, men's magazines have also started providing fashion and beauty tips for men.

So, regardless of your sex, you can look attractive and appealing by following the correct beauty tips and secrets.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yasmin's Getting Married

Some more Exciting news…… Our very own resident blogger and honeymoon and travel expert, Yasmin is getting married! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Yasmin got engaged over New Year to her beautiful fiance Matthew and we are so excited to have the opportunity to come along on this journey with her as she begins the overwhelming task of planning a big (Italian style) wedding.

We will be creating a special page for Yasmin to share her thoughts and progress with you all and hope you will join us as hopefully there will plenty of laughs and fun along the way and not too many tears and stress. She has already begun preparations for the Engagement party so stay tuned for all of her tips on how to create some amazing ideas while not spending a fortune.

How To Apply Mascara In 5 Steps?

Mascara is an important factor of eye makeup. It gives your eye an inviting look by highlighting them. If you create any faults while implementing mascara, you possibility to mess up your whole makeup and your look. So, we must take a look at how to prevent mistakes when implementing mascara.

1. Use an eyelash curler
The first mistake that most females make is to utilize mascara on straight eye lash. Before you utilize mascara, you should always use an eye lash roller. It raises up your eye lash a bit and starts up your face, making them look larger. It is important for females who have thin lashes which are not easily recognizable. So, curl up in your eye lash first, and only then switch on to implementing mascara.

2. Choose the right mascara
You should use the right mascara to get the impact you want. You may want to add amount to your eyelash, or you may want to make them more time. Different types of mascara and styling brushes suggest different outcomes that may go well with your option. So, take some discomfort to decide on the appropriate mascara that you would require. Also, get several different types and colours of mascara to use them on different events.

3. Be cautious about the direction
The route of mascara application can create a whole lot of change to your eye makeup and look. Utilize mascara on your lashes in the upward way, going from the root base and straight upward.

5 Tips: How to be Fashionable Woman?

Women regularly ask a question: how to become fashionable. The first thing you should do, special women, is to know what being fashionable does mean. A stylish person is not a fanatic follower of fashion. In fact, design is mostly associated with personality, it allows to expose a individual's personality, feelings and even goals. A stylish lady is excellent at selecting that type of clotheswhich essentially satisfies her. So, starting from the initial phase.

The best way to learn something new is to discover examples. So, in order to become a lady well based in style, you should comprehend its “laws”. I do not call you on discovering concept but just looking on how fashionable people choose the apparel, how they incorporate them. While you are jogging along the roads, try to individual out the females who look fashionable. Study newspapers, check out design programs and chalk up unique thoughts. 

The second step is revision– look really at your clothing. I think you will discover some ineffective apparel which actually you were going to place away many years ago but something always ceased you. So, it’s a good time to recognize your long-term plan. Get rid of the apparel which are “un-wearable”. Be merciless!

Start with the safe combinations
If you are not quite sure about right blends, the best choice are vintage variations: black-black, black-white, grey-white and grayscale blends. Moreover you should check which colours and which design of apparel fit you. Besides do not add needless information to the best collaboration.

Discover out what fitsyou!
It’s very important to discover that type of apparel which essentially go well with you. Do not be frightened to try on that kinds of apparel you have not ever tried. New colours, new design will help you to figure out your own design. Don't sell yourself short. Keep in mind that the design and stylish apparel which do not actually become you well, does not value to put on.

As you arrive at the level when you feel assured, begin testing. Work out your own graphic through uncommon apparel blends.

Being stylish is an exciting challenge. Your fashion of cloths should essentially fit your whole image: your make-up, hairstyle and your accessories. Moreover your external image should indicate what you are within.

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Rebecca Kasika and Faraja Mafuru

It was a wow moment in Arusha town, when our very own Rebecca married her sweetheart Faraja last month...

...looking stunningly beautiful with a perfect pearl Cinderella wedding gown from Wedding Bells 

....entering the church... 

....just married.... 

beautiful garden and decor ....just love it! 

...as they enter...

the cake...so sweeeeeeet... 

Picture Moment

..beautiful couple.. 

with the whole team...looking good 

...lovely girls...

...adorable flower girls... 

...wazaa chema... 

..the in-laws..

a happy bride :-)

..who's next?!

May God protect your marriage always...

 ..and we wish you all the happiness and joy..
Wedding Bells loves YOU

The Importance of Rituals

Seeing as we are going to be spending the entire year bringing you Wedding Rituals/Traditions, I wanted to tell you a little about why this was so important to us.

Across the world ceremonies or rituals are used to define the more important stages of our lives and a wedding ceremony is the perfect example of one of those stages being at the height of tradition and formality.

From superstition and myth to etiquette, dress and both ancient and modern rituals, wedding ceremonies are steeped in tradition and symbolism.

Many cultures still actively practise ancient traditions or may have adapted some to suit a more modern environment, but nonetheless they still hold the same meaning and importance to those who practise them.

While as a modern society we may have somewhat moved away from some of the more outlandish rituals of stealing a bride away from her family or slapping each other with fish for good luck, it has become very ‘trendy’ of late to incorporate more of the common and meaningful traditions into today’s wedding ceremony.

Adding a ritual to your ceremony can provide the perfect opportunity to include all of your guests or even a select few whom you really want to play a part. Including a ritual is also a great way of blending families in a really unique way and allows wedding guests to actually see something interesting and heart felt.

If you honestly sat down and thought about all of the ceremonies that you have attended (and for me as a celebrant that is one heck of a lot!) they can often all blend into a distant fond memory, but if the couple did something that was unique, different or that evoked in you an emotional response, then chances are this will be a ceremony that will stay with you always.

For me, doing ceremony after ceremony every weekend is a wonderful experience and opportunity to see people from all different backgrounds, but officiating so many ceremonies often leaves them as a bit of a blurr in my distant memory.

There are, however, probably 4 or 5 out of all that I have done that have stuck with me as clear as if they were yesterday and that was simply because they used a ritual or tradition that touched or inspired me and because of that their exchange was etched in my mind forever.

One of these was something I hadn’t seen a couple do before and it was called the ‘silent rose ceremony’.

As I stood with the groom at the front of the assembled guests under a gorgeous flower lined gazebo, the music began playing and the bride appeared at the end of the garden. She walked up slowly on her brothers arm and when she reached the front of the group the groom walked forward and joined her, taking her arm.

Together they walked over to his mother first, and silently handed her a single gorgeous white rose. Nothing was said, they just each kissed her cheek and embraced her and then walked silently over to the bride’s mother and did the same to her. As the mothers were each unaware that this was going to take place they were both sobbing gorgeously and I think every guest including myself had a tear in their eye. The bride and groom then walked back to stand before me and the ceremony began. It was truly one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen done and yet so simple.

I’m not saying that including a ritual or tradition in your ceremony is right for everyone, but if you can find something that suits who you are then you should absolutely go for it. Make sure your ceremony is one that will be etched in your guests memories forever.

For inspiring ideas, don’t forget to look out for our ’52 Rituals/Traditions in 52 Weeks’

The wedding gurus

Wedding Open House Photo Album

Here is a link to the photos that we took at our wedding open house today:

Wedding Open House

I hope you enjoy seeing them all.


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Wedding Don'ts!

I use Google Alerts to see what is being written about Wedding Ministers/Officiants. Tonight a link to an article by Matt Jones/Altavista Journal Staff Writer was on the Alerts list. I have copied it here for you. It is quite the list and most of it is really good, some obvious, and some should be taken with a grain of salt! I have added some comments as well. 
"Everywhere you turn, there are lists of things to do on your wedding day.
Well, the Altavista Journal talked to seasoned professionals and they shared things not to do in regards to your wedding. With a combined total of well over 2,000 weddings between them, Teresa Clayton, owner of Glencliff Manor; the Rev. Mary M. Jones, minister of New Bethel United Methodist Church and Motley United Methodist Church; and Roger Blackstock, owner of The Portrait Place, share some tips and tricks from their decades of wedding experiences.
For the bride and groom
•Don't deep dip the bride because your hands are sweaty and you mostly likely will drop her. No bride wants to start her married life that way.
•Don't over do the kiss. The saying is, "You may now kiss the bride." Be discreet and respectful. ( I will interject here a bit. A peck won't do. The kiss needs to be long enough for the photographer to get a good picture. It is a landmark moment and should be in your wedding album. I said "long enough" but that does not meet overly passionate and I am sure you know what I mean!)

(Brides: please wear long lasting lipcolor on your wedding day. There are several brands out there. The kind that won't smear off onto the lips and face of the groom! Also wear waterproof mascara so that you don't have black tear tracts going down your cheeks for your ceremony and photos!)
•Don't toss her into the pool. It's not funny. She may laugh, but she won't find it funny.
•Don't drink adult beverages before the wedding. The ceremony should not be held up because you are too sick to make it down the aisle.
•Don't smash cake in each other's face. It's awkward for the guests. It's rude and say goodbye to your hair and makeup.
•Don't just have one pair of high heels for your wedding day. It's a long day and if your feet hurt you aren't going to enjoy it.
•Don't use an aisle runner if you are having an outside wedding. It will just get muddy and wrinkled if the groomsmen even remember to roll it out and, if they do, the bridesmaids will all be terrified of tripping over it. (Aisle runners should not be used on grass or carpet. There is no way to secure it and it becomes a safety hazard. On concrete and wooden floors and decks, it should be taped down ahead of time. The best aisle runner is white carpet. A pretty option is to put rows of pretty flower petals down each side of the aisle.)
•Don't forget to eat the day of your wedding. It's a long day and you will pass out.
•Don't be afraid to say no. It's your wedding day. People can wait to say hello.
•Don't answer your phone. It can wait or they can call someone else or give your phone to someone else so they can answer questions about the ceremony.
•Don't be afraid to delegate. Pick someone else in the wedding party to answer your guests' questions.
•Don't forget your allergies. You may think golden rods are the most beautiful flower ever, but if they make you react, holding that bouquet will not be fun.
•Don't buy the wrong size dress. You are the size you are and if the dress doesn't fit properly, you'll spend all day fidgeting with it.
•Don't forget to check the fit of your clothes. Just because your suit fit a few years ago doesn't mean it still does.
•Don't invite people out of social obligation. It's your day and make sure you have a good time.
•Don't chew gum. It doesn't look good in person or in pictures. If you need to freshen up, sneak a mint.
•Don't invite the minister to the reception for the first time at the ceremony; it puts them in a difficult position.
(This has never been a problem for me. When I am invited, I graciously decline. I may have another wedding I have to go to, or it has been a long day and I want to get home, and wedding food is delicious and high carb and fat and I would weigh 400 lbs. if I went to receptions! Besides, I want you to be celebrating with your family and friends and not taking care of me.)
•Don't let price be your only deciding factor when it comes to photography. You get what you pay for. And know exactly what is included in your package.
(I will add one here. Don't let price be your only deciding factor when it comes to hiring your wedding officiant! Your officiant should be someone who shares your values, someone who is experienced at officiating weddings and can work with you to create the ceremony you deserve, and one in whom you have confidence. Your ceremony is the first event of the big day with your guests and sets the tone for the whole day so it is important to have an officiant who can deliver the ceremony you love with grace and confidence. You know the old saying "You get what you pay for.")
•Don't wait until the last minute to ask a minister to do your ceremony. (Amen here!)
•Don't blindly follow every wedding trend. This is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want to create family heirlooms, not trendy photos.
•Don't wait until the last moment to decide who will be escorting the bride.
•Don't forget to check bow ties, zippers and shoelaces.
•Don't procrastinate. Do as much as possible before the day of your wedding.
•Don't forget to check for dry cleaning and price tags.
•Don't close your eyes during the prayer. You can get dizzy. Instead, discreetly bow your head.
•Don't forget the license. (When there is a rehearsal, I have my couples bring the license to me then so I know it cannot be forgotten on the wedding day.)
•Don't forget to pay everyone. It's your wedding and your responsibility.
•Don't forget to include the grandparents. Get them something.
•Don't wait to work out details on the seating.
•Don't forget the rings and know who has the rings.
•Don't fight. A wedding is supposed to be a happy time; plus you have the rest of your life to fight.
For everyone:
•Don't forget to account for traffic. Plan on it being bad. Early is better than late.
•Don't do too much. You are there as guests. Don't be the center of attention.
•Don't include everybody remotely related to the bride and groom in pictures. The photographer should not have to find a spot for the bride's twice-removed fifth cousin on her mother's ex-husband's side.
•Don't be enlisted to be DJ's, directors, caterers, etc. It's a day for you to enjoy as well.
•Don't forget to have scotch tape at the gift table. That way, cards stay with gifts and there is no guessing who got what. (That is a great idea!)
•Don't overindulge. Yes, it's a party and everyone is there to have a good time, but no one wants to have to carry you out of the reception.
•Don't wait. As much as possible, photography should be done before the ceremony; your guests don't want to wait while Great-Aunt Genie is helped up a flight of stairs for photos.
•Don't fake smile for the camera. It's obvious when you do that.
•Don't have a bride's side/groom's side for the ceremony. People are friends with both and they don't want to choose. Besides, it's always lopsided and that looks bad in pictures. (These days the only "sides" are the first, and sometimes the second, rows reserved for family. Everyone else is seated on either side and it is best to fill the seats up from the front, not the back. Blocks of empty chairs look bad in wedding photos--looks like people did not come to the ceremony.)
•Don't ask the photographer about his/her gear or the camera you bought during key moments of the ceremony. They are there to work and capture the moments. Find down time to ask them.
•Don't lock your knees; passing out is not a good look. (I am not worried about how it would "look" if someone passed out, I would have to stop the ceremony for them to be taken care of. I had a bridesmaid pass out once due to forgetting to eat and we stopped and gave her something to eat and drink then resumed the ceremony.)
•Don't assume people know the details of the location of the ceremony. Give them address, location, name and directions to the ceremony.
•Don't forget to say thank you.
•Don't take your cell phone into the ceremony.
•Don't forget logistics of travel, who is driving the cars after the ceremony, how is everyone getting to the next place.
•Don't forget those with special needs. Have a handicap-accessible entrance.
•Don't forget to check and double check the spelling of names and abbreviation of titles.
•Don't bring your dog 
Remember to relax and have a good time and, of course, don't be late."

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Table decoration

Mapambo tofauti tofauti na uwekaji wa vitambaa kwenye meza za wageni na ya maharusi... enjoy these few..

Just beautiful...XO