Friday, September 30, 2011

Bride-Off Ring

Every month for a bit of fun we are going to put two weddings in our bride-off ring and let you decide who had the most beautiful day!

In our bride-off ring today we have the famous Kardashian sisters Kim & Khloe, we will provide you with the facts and photos so you can decide - we would love to hear your thoughts!   
The Facts:    

The Dress:

The Couple:

 The Party:

The Cake:


The Ring:

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celebrity Wedding- Alicia Keys

On 31st July 2010 expecting mom Alicia Keys tied the knot with  music producer Swizz Beatz..
She wore an ivory silk Grecian inspired custom made Vera Wang gown with jewel detail on the back shoulder and diamond head piece... 
She was escorted down the aisle by her parents 

.....the groom wore a  tuxedo by Tom Ford...

Many congrats to a beautiful lady Alicia and handsome boy Swizz 

What a Fun Wedding Celebration for Faith and Owen at 1705 Prime!

The timing was perfect for Faith and Owen to meet each other in November of 2008. It didn't take them long to find out that they had the same core values and both loved sports, although they rooted for different teams! They worked this out and soon became inseparable. It was my great pleasure to meet them last February and collaborate with them in writing their fun-filled ceremony. Of course it included their wonderful story with lots of humor that the guests adored. I frequently had to pause due to the heartiness of their laughter (Faith and Owen's too) as they enjoyed their "story" all over again as I told it.
I was so delighted to do my first wedding at 1705 Prime which was the perfect venue for Faith and Owen's celebration. Jenn Carlin, the catering manager, did a fabulous job organizing and directing this wedding. Kevin Dehimer, also a catering manager and former co-worker of my daughter, Andrea, stuck his head out from behind the scenes to say hello to me. Unfortunately we could not have the ceremony on the front steps as planned because it had been raining all week and they had to call for Plan B that morning. But that did not dampen their spirits one iota! When Dave and I arrived for the wedding that Friday, September 23, 2011, their photographer, Barbara Tyroler and her videographer, Ricky Lee Harrell, were busy taking photos. Owen and Faith decided they would see each other before the ceremony so that they could do all the photos ahead of time and be with their guests at the reception right away.
So after the outside photos, the wedding party assembled in the bar area to wait for the guests to arrive and be seated. Before the bride and her ladies went upstairs to be hidden away, Barbara set up some fun poses of the couple with their attendants. Owen had a slew of men standing up with him as you can see, including his two brothers, one of whom came from Amsterdam for the occasion.
The cake and the flowers were done by Erin DeNeve at Whole Foods. Looking good!
Eric Hodgden of All Around Raleigh DJ was on hand to provide the music for the processional and the reception. It was a pleasure to work with Eric again!
When the Best Men and the Matrons of Honor (Faith and Owen dubbed all their attendants this way!) and I had entered, it was time for our beautiful bride who was escorted in by both mothers. 
We held the ceremony in a room off the entrance of the restaurant and it sufficed nicely for the ceremony. It was difficult to get many good photos though. I wish I had more to show you.
I just love Faith's ruffly wedding dress and it was so perfect for her. YES to the dress! Congratulations from all the guests were abound as the couple recessed out.
Thanks, Owen, I appreciate the kiss! He is such a sweetie and they both were just so ecstatic to be married at last. Faith and Owen, you are a fabulous couple who belong together. I know you will have a wonderful marriage. Please call on me whenever you need my services!

Fall Albums

Is anyone else excited???

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Guys From Ohio

It makes us happy to be able to make people happy. That is at the heart of what we do. So when these two nice gentlemen from Ohio found us online, and decided to come to Massachusetts so they could be married, we set about making sure that their wedding was as special as we could help make it. Our Catering Manager, Laura Abraham, helped Mr. Howe and Mr. Whitaker create a loving and joyful event to celebrate the legalization of their relationship. She established a wonderful rapport with them, working almost primarily on-line since they were setting this all up from several states away.
When we asked them if we could share these photos on our wedding blog, we were instantly given the thumbs up, so here they are. I hope you enjoy seeing another view of a wedding at the Hawthorne Hotel. And I hope you can make your special day very special as well.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Joan Mungereza Send Off

Our beautiful bride Joan on her send off day

Joan is dressed by Wedding Bells

She wore a draped taffeta, stones and beads gown looking absolute gorgeous 

.....entering the reception...

there she go... beautiful bride arrived with a smile

..a note of thanks and short introduction....


cheeeeers dad.... 

Cheeeers young sissy....

the cake....sweeeeet 

Can you join me handsome?!

aawww thanks honey...

Charming groom... wonder what he was telling Joan...

love these pictures... Joan is glowing with happiness and laughter

 zawadi yako honey... now you can go sit...

picture moments....

a lovely smart couple

the girls...... beautiful

besties... looking good :-) 

Bride and Ester Ulaya...cute

besties.... fab

love all three dresses.....

a live band was there to make it happen...

Committee ikiserebuka.... 

Joan girl friends wakiserebuka....

....rafiki za Joan wa kiume nao hawakubaki nyuma....

...then they posed for a pic....

wafanyazi wanzeke... Foundation rocking!

i was there too!! ...from left shangazi wa Joan, Me, Carla and Dennis

Many Congratulations Joan and Emmanuel...You made it!

Wedding Bells Loves You