Friday, February 25, 2011

Professional Wedding Guild Luncheon at Hilton Garden Inn!

Once a month, except in December, Gail Galloway of the Perfect Wedding Guide hosts the Professional Wedding Guild luncheons in the Triangle and in the Triad areas of North Carolina. I have been enjoying these luncheons for years. These luncheons are such great opportunities to meet and get to know my colleagues in the wedding industry at a non-wedding setting. The luncheons are held in different venues each month. The latest luncheon was on February 23, 2011 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Triangle Town Center in Raleigh.
This was my first time at this site. It is a lovely setting for a small wedding and reception and/or rehearsal dinner. They have a fully equipped restaurant and the food was delicious!
Our vendors contributing to the luncheon are announced on a card on each table. My friend, Reverend Robin Renteria, had a great idea for the three of us ministers--herself, myself and Reverend Barbara Lodge--to contribute a large box of Godiva chocolates for a door prize. Get it? "God"-iva? And there is the word "diva" as well! How clever she is. Thanks, Robin!
The two women on the right represented the Hilton Garden Inn. On the left is their colleague from the Holiday Inn. Apparently both hotels are owned by the same owner. Thank you for posing for me, ladies.
Amanda Scott with A Swanky Affair (wedding planner) and Monica Bishop with Bedford Blooms exchange business cards.
Kate Mejaski with This Little Light Photography is talking with Lisa Jacobs, wedding planner.
In the foreground Bradley Junell, DJ, speaks with Barbara Lodge, wedding officiant. In the background, Amanda Scott and Lisa Dupree find out about each other's business. Lisa is a cruise and vacation specialist with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers.
Lisa and Monica with Bedford Blooms exchange their business cards. 
 Brian McGuire of McSound Productions was our DJ and sound man for the luncheon. Thanks, Brian.
Gail Galloway, our hostess, tries unsuccessfully to hide behind Randal Quantas whose DJ name is Qfocus. Randal is with K2 Productions.
Diane McDaniel with Unity at Long View Center chats with Karen Bishop of Bedford Blooms.
Our honored speaker for the event, and a delightful person to chat with, is Tammy Elliott, President/CEO of  the Perfect Wedding Guide national. Her talk was on the 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Wedding Professionals. Her talk was inspiring and quite engaging. Thanks, Tammy, it was an honor to meet you!

Beautiful Toys From The Flowers Pictures

Beautiful Toys From The Flowers Pictures

Beautiful Toys From The Flowers Pictures

Beautiful Toys From The Flowers Pictures

Beautiful Toys From The Flowers Pictures

Beautiful Toys From The Flowers Pictures

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zainabu Mzirai and Gaudence Maro Wedding

A spectacular wedding between Zainabu and Gaudence happened in moshi town this year

The bride dressed by wedding bells, looking sweet gorgeous.

Leaving the church...

....reception was a garden wedding

as the enter the reception, bride is showing her dance moves

 ....thanks wandugu kwa kuja, tunawapenda sana (bride words)

This champagne is alcohol free, feel free to taste ;))


the cake

every table got one cake to share

Congratulations on your wedding

 Wedding Bells loves you!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Arrival.......... Feb - March 2011

 New Arrival @ Wedding Bells- Wedding dresses to die for as well as accessories like never seen before in any shop in town.

Hope we will get time to take pictures of the dresses on the models

In the mean time be informed and don’t miss the opportunity to visit our exclusive boutique



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Olympia Le-Tan's Lovable Book Clutches

I make it a point to carry a book around with me anywhere I go, as any self-respecting bibliophile would, which of course makes Olympia Le-Tan my new fave designer. Now I can carry a book in a book, seriously.
The bag line, aptly named "You Can't Judge a Book by its' Cover", is book/bag upon book/bag of well-loved and famous classics, many my personal favorites.
So far (in my knowledge anyway) only Clemence Posey and Natalie Portman have been photographed with these clutches.