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Week 7 - Leap Year Proposal

Welcome to Week 7 in our ’52 Rituals/Traditions in 52 Weeks’

This week, given that we are in a leap year and I’m sure many of you have been hearing lots of wonderful stories about the tradition of leap year proposals, as we have, we thought we would do a little post about this age old tradition which is widely known and definitely a favourite. In Anglo-Saxon times it was considered to be very lucky if a couple married in a leap year. It was especially lucky if the woman herself had proposed in that leap year.

The 29th day of February every four years in a leap year sees every woman have the right to propose to the man she would like to marry. (I wish brad Pitt had been somewhere close by). This tradition goes back many hundreds of years to a time when the leap year day actually had no recognition in English law. It was considered that the day was simply 'lept over' and ignored, which obviously coined the term 'leap year'.

Given that there was absolutely no recognition of the day It was considered, therefore, that as it had no legal status, it was reasonable then to assume that traditions also had no status.

As a consequence, the many women who were desperately concerned about becoming spinsters and being 'left on the shelf' took advantage of this and proposed to the man they wished to marry.

It was also widely accepted that since the leap year day corrected the discrepancy between the calendar year of 365 days and the time taken for the Earth to complete one orbit of the sun (being 365 days and 6 hours), this was an opportunity for the women of the world to correct a tradition that was one-sided and unjust.

An old rhyme refers to tradition:

“Happy they’ll be that wed and wive,

Within leap year, they’re sure to thrive.”

There is actually a document from Scotlandthat states that women were thereafter allowed to propose marriage to the man of their choice in a leap year. If a man dared to decline a woman’s proposal on this day he would be required to pay a fine which could possibly range from a simple kiss to the more costly gift of a silk dress or pair of gloves.

So ladies, we hope you al had a wonderful February 29th and to those of you who stood up courageously and proposed we wish you all of the good luck that hundreds of years of history has promised.

The Wedding Guru’s

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Petra - Wonders of the World

Situated between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Nabatean city of Petra is considered among the Seven Wonders of the World. 

In the description of the “universal outstanding value” of this World Heritage Site, UNESCO describes the ancient city as a “major caravan centre for the incense of Arabia, the silks of China and the spices of India, a crossroads between Arabia, Egypt and Syria-Phoenicia.”


Petra, a world hidden within the mountains of Jordan, was built several centuries ago. This ancient "caravan city" was the capital of the Nabataean Arabs, an ancient Semitic race of people who inhabited Jordan. They were mostly traders and agriculturists.

Tombs, caves, temples, monasteries, amphitheatres, gates, street facades – you need at least a couple of days to explore Petra.

The rock-cut architecture takes your breath away. Animals, deities and mortals, mostly carved in rock, greet you everywhere in this World Heritage Site. The architecture is heavily influenced by Assyrian, Egyptian, Hellenistic and Roman styles.

Perhaps the most stereotyped image of Petra is Al Khazneh or the Treasury. Entry is through the Siq, a long narrow gorge, no more than 3 meters wide in some places, which gives the impression that the mountain has parted ways to allow you to enter it. Back in the day, caravans made their grand entry to Petra via the Siq.

The Treasury or Al Khazneh is one of Petra’s most recognizable monuments and one celebrated in Hollywood classics such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Tintin fans will also recognize the monument for its appearance in the Red Sea Sharks.

The Street of Facades in Petra is lined with rock-cut tombs in sandstone. Bodies were interred in chambers carved on the rocks.

The Royal Tombs, much larger in scale, and Urn Tombs lead to a single chamber, which was probably an ancient Byzantine church.

Petra is not just a city of tombs and rock cut temples. Meet the Bedouins here, stay in a cave, ride a horse up to the monastery, or watch craftsmen create sand art in bottles. Petra, as the BBC says, is one of the places you must see before you die.  

Women's Feet and Nail Care

Foot and Nail Care is the one of the best beauty care for every lady. When your feet clear and smooth, you enjoy the pleasure of the world. Your feet become very hard and it shows the rough, calloused skin on the pumps needs regular treatment or it may become dry and damaged. The moist skin between the toes is prone to athlete’s foot. Even the skin on the tops of feet is vulnerable, it can get sunburned if not protected from sun light.


Simple tips for a foot care nail.

First keep you in warm for at least 10 minutes with the help of mild shop clean the toenails and the skin around the nails. And when it becomes dry, then use mild antiseptic or essential olive oil or tree oil. Carefully massage the feet with these substances. Apply orange wood stick to rebel the toenail cuticles. In this way also you would get relief from infection and bacteria. Don’t trim the toenails in a rounded shape. Try to trim them straight across. Please avoid cutting them too short, otherwise you may experience in-grown nail. Keep the claws clear and totally devoid of any dirt.


Moisturize your feet everyday.

Put lotion or foot cream on as a part of your routine. One way to achieve smooth, moisturized feet is to rub on some lotion or petroleum jelly before bed. When you awaken in the morning, you'll discover that your feet are very smooth and are totally devoid of dry skin.

Taking proper care of your feet will prevent you from getting foot conditions such as athlete's foot or other fungal infections. No matter what the season is, it is always important to keep your feet and toinails in tip-top condition. During the summer, your feet are constantly visible due to footwear choices such as shoes and slippers, so it would be a great idea to keep them looking incredible and fabulous.

Sylvia and Boniface Ngonyani

Wedding Bells all the way to Songea... beautiful bride Sylvia tied the knot with her lovely groom Boniface...

Sylvia looked beautiful with a dress from Wedding Bells

...the lovely couple works @ TANESCO in Moshi town and their wedding was in Songea... 

May the Almighty give you joy, good health and a lots of love to one another 

Wedding Bells loves YOU

woolrich-woolen-mills-fall-winter-2012-mens-mcnairy-milan-fashion ...

mens of milan

Image : City Style bringing out St. Louis fashionable men

fashionable men

Exhibition of Clothing Men Of Europe And Asia United States

Tradional Asian mens fashion

Shout Your Love From the Rooftops (now known as the Internet)!

Another blogger contacted me with this very interesting article and I thought it fun to post it here as well: 

Once upon a time, those who fell in love wanted to “shout it from the rooftops.” In today’s society, proclaiming your love far and wide is quite simple: a few keystrokes and a click, and everyone knows that you’re off the market. Here are ten ways to shout your love from the virtual rooftops, informing the world that you’ve found the One.
  1. Changing Your Facebook Relationship Status – These days, the quickest way to let friends, family and acquaintances know that you’re in love is to change your relationship status. When you click that “In A Relationship” radio button, everyone in your circle will be notified that you’re no longer available.
  2. Hashtagging a Tweet – If you want to reach a wider audience, you can’t go wrong with the Twitter hashtag. Searches for a specific tag will send users that you’ve never met to your feed when your hashtag is in the results.
  3. Updating Your MySpace Profile – For those who are truly committed, nothing says, “I love you” like blowing the dust off that old MySpace profile to update your relationship status. If you want to be sure that all of your bases are covered, this is a great way to get your point across.
  4. Deleting a Dating Site Profile – If you met your newly beloved on a dating site or even if you simply have a profile floating around in cyberspace, deleting that baby is a sure-fire way to show your commitment.
  5. YouTube – There are millions of videos on YouTube, and a significant chunk of them are vlogs dedicated to the besotted. Creating your own vlog post for YouTube will send news of your love affair flitting around the globe in no time.
  6. Tumblr – When it comes to microblogging, Tumblr has the market cornered. Because the site allows sharing of text, pictures and music, creating a fully immersive love-letter experience on Tumblr is a snap.
  7. Penning a Blog Entry – If you’re more of a traditionalist, skip the microblogging and go for broke with an entry to your blog dedicated to your lover and their many charms.
  8. Facebook Wall Posts – A well-chosen song posted on your lover’s wall via YouTube or a carefully selected quote can brighten their day, and let everyone on their friends list know that you’re mad about them.
  9. Status Updates – Our society is obsessed with documenting our every move for Facebook status updates; why not post one celebrating your new love? Tagging your significant other in the update will let all of their friends see it as well, reaching a wider audience.
  10. Relationship Forums – There are forums dedicated to those who are in love, allowing them space to gush about their beloved to like-minded members. Joining up gives you an outlet for all that emotion, but keeps your friends and family from being tempted to block your Facebook posts because they’re tired of hearing about your love life.
Love makes us do crazy things, but it’s important to remember the basic guidelines for online safety. Posting real names or pictures on forums or other places where strangers can access your words might not be wise; choose your content carefully if your blog or other medium has open access.

Love's Dos and Don’ts

Never ever go to bed mad at your soul mate, sleep on the settee if you have to: the bedroom should be a safe, amazing, and pleasant place to go to.

Pick your fights, ask yourself if this is something that is going to issue in 5 years, if not let it go.

Do not talk when you are mad, delay until you calm down enough to discuss, take a walk, a long bath, or whatever you do to calm down, and always, always, always stick to the topic, and do not ever attack their personal thoughts, they have just as much right to them as you do to yours.

When you go out, always allow partner first, a lady can open a door for a man just as quickly especially if his arms and fingers are full.

Ask for their viewpoint on stuff, if they don't have one, do not badger one out, it will only begin a fight with over nothing.

Tell your partner often that you really like them, I try for at least 10 periods a day, even if they are right after one another.

If you discover that you are both getting in a rut and nothing seems to be as natural as it once was, first discuss then think of some measures to take.

Surprise them often with some different feedback, once I informed my partner that I do not think that I liked him any longer, after a mil-a-second I said that I realized that I liked him and I do not have to think, that was a amazing night.

Always try to know what they are saying. And if your partner prefers a certain form of game, try to understand what the game is about and the names of the teams and you never know you might actually like it once you comprehend it.

Show your love in the way that you take care with yourself, your partner, your kids, your home, your job, you would be unexpected how well that performs.

This is the simplest one of all and I think more people should follow it, the world would truly be a better place. Have fun, yes just that. Laugh at least once a day. It’s excellent for you and those around you.

Love In Different Languages

A Rose by any other name, said Shakespeare, still doth smell and lovely. Or something of the type. By the same sense, Single Ones, Really like in any other language still got to mean the same. In our current globalized world you never know who you might run into and with some luck fall for. Better to wander around prepared.

1. English – I love you
2. Latin – Te amo
3. Pig Latin – I-yea Ove-lea Ou-yea
4. Hindi – Main tumse mohabbat karta hoon
5. Punjabi – Main tainu pyar karna
6. Bengali – Aami tomaake bhaalo baashi
7. Gujarati – Tane Prem Karoo Choo
8. Tamil – Naan Unnai Kadhalikiren
9. Telugu – Nenu Ninnu Premisthunnanu
10. Sri Lankan – Mama oyata arderyi
11. Kapangpangan – Kaluguran daka
12. Farsi – Tora dost daram
13. Arabic – Ana ahebik
14. Turkish – Seni seviyorum
15. Kurdish – Ez te hezdikhem
16. Lebanese – Bahibak
17. Japanese – Kimi o ai shiteru
18. Chinese – Ngo oi ney
19. Mandarin – Wo ai ni
20. Taiwanese – Gwa ai lee
21. Korean – Dangsinul saranghee yo
22. Cambodian – Kh’nhaum soro’lahn nhee’ah
23. Hmong – Kuv Hlub Koj
24. Laon – Khoi hak jao
25. Filipino – Mahal ka ta
26. Malay – Saya cinta pada mu
27. Thai – Chan raak ther
28. Indonesian – Saya cinta padamu
29. Javanese – Aku terno kowe
30. Burmese – Chit pa te
31. Bisaya – Nahigugma ko nimo
32. French – Je t’aime
33. German – Ich liebe dich
34. Bavarian – I mog di narrisch gern
35. Swiss-German – Ch’ha di ga”rn
36. Spanish – Te adoro
37. Madrid lingo – Me molas, tronca
38. Basque – Nere maitea
39. Catalan – T’estim
40. Esperanto – Mi amas vin
41. Creole – Mi aime jou
42. Lojban – mi do prami
43. Portuguese – Eu amo te
44. Italian – Ti amo
45. Greek – S’ayapo
46. Macedonian – Te ljubam
47. Albanian – Te dua
48. Dutch – Ik hou van je
49. Flemish – Ik zie oe geerne
50. Vlaams – Ik hou van jou
51. Friesian – Ik bin fereale op dy
52. Luxembourgish – Ech hun dech ga ‘r
53. Gaelic – Tha gaol agam ort
54. Welsh – Rwy’n dy garu di
55. Irish – Taim i’ ngra leat
56. Maltese – Inhobbok
57. Icelandic – Eg elska thig
58. Greenlandic – Asavakit
59. Danish – Jeg elsker dig
60. Norwegian – Jeg elsker deg
61. Swedish – Jag a lskar dig
62. Finnish – rakastan sinua
63. Polish – Kocham cie
64. Hungarian – Szeretlek
65. Bulgarian – Obicham te
66. Romanian – Te iubesc
67. Yugoslavian – Ja te volim
68. Czech – Miluji te
69. Slovak – Lubim ta
70. Bosnian – Volim te
71. Croatian – Volim te
72. Serbian – Volim te
73. Russian – Ya tyebya lyublyu
74. Ukrainian – Ya tebe kokhayu
75. Estonian – Mina armastan sind
76. Latvian – Es tevi milu
77. Lithuanian – Tave myliu
78. Armenian – Yes kez si’rumem
79. Assyr – Az tha hijthmekem
80. Kazakh – Men seny jaksy kuremyn

81. Yiddish – Ikh hob dikh lib
82. Bicol – Namumutan ta ka
83. Berber – Lakh tirikh
84. Amharic – Afekrishalehou
85. Moroccan – Kanbhik
86. Tunisian – Ha eh bak
87. Somali – Waan ku gealahay
88. Kenyan – Aheri
89. Lingala – Nalingi yo
90. Ugandan – Nkwagala Nyo
91. Zulu – Mena tanda wena
92. Ndebele – Niyakutanda
93. Hausa – Ina sonki
94. Shona – Ndinokuda
95. Swahili – Nakupenda
96. Afrikaans – Ek is lief vir jou
97. Vulcan – Wani ra yana ro aisha
98. Tahitian – Ua here au ia oe
99. Hawaiian – Aloha wau ia oi
100. Samoan – Ou te alofa outou
101. Brazilian – Eu te amo
102. Bolivian – Qanta munani
103. Hokkien – Wa ai lu
104. Apache – Sheth she ‘n zho ‘n
105. Cheyenne – Ne mohotatse
106. Chickasaw – Chiholloli
107. Hopi – Nu’ umi unangw’ta
108. Mohawk – Konoronhkwa
109. Navajo – Ayor anosh’ni
110. Sioux – Techihhila
111. Zuni – Tom ho’ ichema
112. Eskimo – Nagligivaget

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Michelle Obama in Vera Wang

So gorgeous!! my two favorite women in the world.... Michelle Obama ndani ya Vera Wang dress...
First Lady Michelle Obama wore a Custom Vera Wang Strapless cobalt tulle gown, draped and feathered organza accents to the 34th annual Kennedy Center Honors

Unique Wedding Dresses

We have sifted through the unique, weird and plain ugly wedding dresses on the internet to bring you our top picks - enjoy!

 Created with thousands of pieces of paper

A walking crockenbouche

This took 250m of hair, 1500 crytals and 12 underskirts to create


The Wedding Guru's

Please note: These photographs have been compiled from numerous sources including Facebook posts and other web pages. These photographs are not the property of The Wedding Guru's. If you would like any information on contacting the owner of a particular photograph we would be happy to assist.

Men latest fashion trend | Topclothingsense.

fashionable men

Booming Mens fashion industry in Brazil

brazil mens fashion

Pakistani Mens Shalwar Kameez Fashion Collection by Imbias Designer

pakistani mens fashion

Celebrities with Their Pets

For celebs, pets are like members of their family. The names of Salman Khan's pet dogs go like this - 'Myson' and 'Myjaan'! The love is so evident from those names. Take a look at B'wood stars and their pets. 

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan must have posed for thousands of photoshoots. But says the star, this photoshoot, with his pet dog Shanouk, was unique!
Like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Koena Mitra too has got seven puppies at her home. They all belong to toy breed and she got them from exotic counries.

  Koena has named them Cookie, Jerry, Jiggy, Missy, Fluffy etc

Salman Khan with his pet dog Myson, who died of heart ailment while he was shooting for 'London Dreams'.

  Stay away from Fardeen Khan's dogs. They are named Tiger and Gunda!

Esha Deol's pet pooch is called Piccola

File photo of Rekha with her pet dog Pisti. After Pisti's death, Rekha adopted another pet dog Shiva.

Shreyas Talpade has two pet labradors - Don and Knight.

  Manisha Koirala with her two Persian cats - Mischief and Morgan.

You are sure gonna love Tusshar's dog, for his name is Whiskey!